Marduk Funeral Marches and Warsongs

Capturing Marduk on last year's tour for the World Funeral album, Funeral Marches and Warsongs includes two full concerts — the main event in Paris, France, complete with pre-show build-up and anticipation, and a similar concert (with the exact same set list) in Katowiche, Poland. Both live shows capture Marduk on the big stage in high and entertaining form, although beyond a little stage-diving they're pretty straightforward and antic-free performances. The camera highlights a zealously appreciative audience as well, showing them happily head-banging, stage-diving and crowd-surfing in between the numerous close-ups or full shots of the band. The set list on this tour, while obviously favouring their latest release, includes selections from most of their older albums. And if that doesn't entirely satisfy, footage from the Party San festival in Bad Berka, Germany features four different pre-World Funeral tracks. Extras also include music videos for "Hearse" and "World Funeral," plus a photo gallery, and an extensive biography and discography, but it's really the live shows that are the point and make the DVD worth checking out. (The End,