Marble Index The Marble Index

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, the Marble Index create their own special brand of pop in a completely different dialect. The textures within this EP's very English-sounding cosmopolitan-garage pop songs have a rather smooth early ‘90s style that goes down the ears, but the aural aftertaste has a ruffian late ‘70s/early ‘80s English bite to it. The most distinct element to their sound is the vocals, which are rather crooning yet sung in a slight drunken/buzzed pub singer style, (think Smiths meets Velvet Underground and MC5) and sung in rhythms that are just perfectly distinct and quickly sung enough to be removed from what the rest of the instruments are playing, which somehow gives a feel that two songs are playing within one. Though this debut might take a few listens to properly absorb, it is evident that this band already possess inklings of greatness and mass potential, and given their unique balls-out fight to get out of a working-class lifestyle and a ruffian energy and spirit, they instantly make themselves a band that is superior to others such as the overly-hyped Tangiers. The Marble Index are the real deal. (Independent)