Malcolm McLaren and MTV Bring "Artful Porn" To Times Square

Malcolm McLaren and MTV Bring 'Artful Porn' To Times Square
Punk instigator Malcolm McLaren is once again peddling sex, but this time minus the Pistols. Starting Thursday, the man who once helped launch the career of Johnny Rotten and company will be filling Times Square with a series of "artful porn" films, which will be displayed on MTV's massive 44-foot screen between New York's 44th and 45th streets.

"I've cut up pieces of old stag movies, slowed them way down, and set them to music," the 62-year-old McLaren told New York Daily News. "What you see is not people having sex but people about to have it. The old movies had a lot more foreplay. I was interested in the body language of non-actors, how they communicated their longing."

According to the newspaper, what this then translates to are scenes such as "a chap biting a girl's ankle as she runs out of the subway," "two normally dressed schoolboys chased by a naked couple into a dark room" and "a guy vacuuming a tiny piece of red carpet."

Also in there are scenes involving some clever mood music juxtaposition. McLaren said one clip features a mash-up of Captain and Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" and Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart," which is played while a woman sporting a garter belt and a mink makes her way to an orgy. (To get the music, pedestrians have to call the number displayed on the screen.)

However, for better or for worse, amongst all the steamy images, no one's private parts can be seen due to MTV being "extremely strict" about what McLaren could and could not show.

McLaren's videos will be showing in NYC until August 14.

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