Makaya McCraven Reimagines Gil Scott-Heron's Final Album for 'We're New Again'

It arrives a decade after the late musician's swan song 'I'm New Here'
Makaya McCraven Reimagines Gil Scott-Heron's Final Album for 'We're New Again'
Next February will mark a decade since the late Gil Scott-Heron released his final album I'm New Here, and to mark the occasion, XL Recordings has tapped Chicago-based drummer/producer Makaya McCraven for a companion album.

Not unlike what Jamie xx accomplished with 2011 remix album We're New Here, McCraven will now reinterpret Scott-Heron's last-ever release for We're New Again.

The "reimagining" is set to arrive through XL on February 7 — a full decade after I'm New Here's release.

McCraven recorded and produced We're New Again alongside a host of "close-knit" collaborators at his Chicago home studio. The 18-track album is said to find the drummer bringing together "the kind of killer, improvised live musicianship and electronic, sample-based approach to recording he's renowned for with that vocal — the deep, stop-you-in-your–tracks, worldly-wise voice of Gil Scott-Heron — to enormously powerful effect."

We're New Again is now available for pre-order

Last year, McCraven released his Universal Beings album, which Exclaim! named one of the Top 10 Experimental & Modern Composition Albums of 2018.

We're New Again - A Reimagining by Makaya McCraven:

1. Special Tribute (Broken Home pt.1)
2. I'm New Here
3. Running
4. Blessed Parents
5. New York is Killing Me
6. The Patch (Broken Home pt.2)
7. People of The Light
8. Being Blessed
9. Where Did the Night Go
10. Lily Scott (Broken Home pt.3)
11. I'll Take Care of You
12. I've Been Me
13. This Can't Be Real.
14. Piano Player
15. The Crutch
16. Guided (Broken Home pt.4)
17. Certain Bad Things
18. Me and the Devil