Madchild Details 'Silver Tongue Devil' Tracklisting, Unveils Album Art

Madchild Details 'Silver Tongue Devil' Tracklisting, Unveils Album Art
Having been on a prolific tear over the last few years, whether on his own or as part of Swollen Members, Vancouver rapper Madchild has offered up the details behind his next solo full-length, Silver Tongue Devil.

A press release confirms that the album arrives July 24 through Battle Axe, with Madchild serving up 15 new tunes. This includes the "Mental" single he and Demrick delivered at the top of the year.

Demrick, a recent tourmate of Madchild's, actually pops up a couple more times on the LP, lending bars to "Slayer" and "Triple Threat." Also adding vocal work to the BC beast's latest collection are JD Era, Slaine and CeeKay Jones, while beats were put together by Madchild's Swollen bandmate Rob the Viking, C-Lance, Evidence and more.

You can see the full breakdown of Silver Tongue Devil's tracklist down below, while you can peep the especially vibrant artwork street artist L'Amour Supreme cooked up for the cover up above. We can't help but notice, though, that the album cover's central Satanic figure has a forked licker that's more neon pink and yellow than silver.

 Silver Tongue Devil:

1. Untold Story [Prod. by C-Lance]
2. Night Time Kill [Prod. by Evidence]
3. Devils And Angels [Prod. by Evidence]
4. Lose My Mind (ft. JD Era) [Prod. by C-Lance]
5. SLUT [Prod. by C-Lance]
6. Everytime (ft. CeeKay Jones) [Prod. by The Makerz]
7. Mental (ft. Demrick) [Prod. by C-Lance]
8. Painful Skies [Prod. by C-Lance]
9. Jackel [Prod. by Aspect]
10. Triple Threat (ft. Slaine, Demrick) [Prod. by C-Lance]
11. Electricity [Prod. by Aspect]
12. 50 Seven [Prod. by Rob The Viking]
13. Don't Stop (ft. Slaine) [Prod. by Rob The Viking]
14. Slayer (ft. Demrick) [Prod. by C-Lance]
15. Zero [Prod. by Aspect]