Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Brad Pitt's Cousin" (video)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 'Brad Pitt's Cousin' (video)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been taking their "unruly mess" of a new album all over the world, and some of the highlights have made it into a new music video. Featuring fans and one particularly bummed-looking cat, the clip supporting "Brad Pitt's Cousin" is streaming now.

Backed by the Pacific Northwest duo's pop-rap boom, we see Macklemore riding on the back of trucks, sharing cups of coffee with his parents in "Paris," and poking fun at himself and the legions of fans around the world adopting the "Macklemore haircut." All that and, of course, the hoisting of a cat that has more Instagram followers than you ever will.

The video can be found below.

As previously reported, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are bringing their "Unruly" tour to North America in May. You'll find all of the rap duo's upcoming shows over here.
brad pitt's cousin

My cousin Brad left his phone at my house. This is what happened...WE OUT HERE!!!

Posted by Macklemore on Monday, April 11, 2016