Mac DeMarco, Jessy Lanza, Owen Pallett Contribute to 'Ever New' Charity Compilation

The CanCon comp also features Chad VanGaalen, Ryan Hemsworth, LAL, Luna Li, Zoon and more

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 4, 2020

A host of Canadian artists have contributed original music and covers to a new compilation in support of Black, Indigenous and LGBTQ2S charities.

The 32-track Ever New is available to stream and purchase through Bandcamp, and features tracks from Mac DeMarcoJessy Lanza, Ryan Hemsworth, Yves JarvisChad VanGaalen, Harrison, LAL, Sarah Davachi, Luna LiBadge Époque Ensemble, FRIGS, Zoon, nêhiyawak's Matthew Cardinal and more.

Ever New takes its name from composer Beverly Glenn-Copeland's 1986 song of the same title, with a cover of that tune from the Head (Joseph Shabason and Thom Gill) leading off the comp.

The listen is bookended by a cover of Glenn-Copeland's "DL4" by Jennifer Castle, while Ever New also finds Owen Pallett covering Nick Drake, Lydia Ainsworth covering Chic, Chastity covering the Tragically Hip, Tess Roby covering Moon King and Cindy Lee covering Jandek.

Exclusively available through Bandcamp, 100 precent of Ever New sales proceeds will go to Black Health Alliance, Indspire and The 519. Find a tracklist below, ahead of streaming and purchasing the complete compilation here.

Ever New was curated by Max Mertens and Sarah Mackenzie, while its stunning artwork comes courtesy of Alex Sheriff. Technical support was provided by Adam Hodgins and LANDR. 

Ever New:

1. The Head (Joseph Shabason & Thom Gill) - "Ever New" (Beverly Glenn-Copeland Cover)
2. Tess Roby - "Just a Minute" (Moon King Cover)
3. Cedric Noel - "Follow You Wanna (Accordion Version)"
4. Owen Pallett - "River Man" (Nick Drake Cover)
5. Mac DeMarco - "Waiting"
6. Luna Li - "Why Do I Feel"
7. Ryan Hemsworth - "Nashville" 
8. Russell Louder - "Head Over Heels" (Tears For Fears Cover)
9. James Baley - "Slow Down Radio"
10. Harrison - "Inter"
11. New Fries - "Airwave (New Chance Remix)"
12. Lydia Ainsworth - "Good Times" (Chic Cover)
13. Jessy Lanza & Elle Barbara - "Don't Walk Away (Boy)"
14. Prince Josh - "Jab Molassie"
15. Quinton Barnes - "Switch"
16. Casey MQ - "So Long and Good Night"
17. Actualized - "dink!"
18. LAL - "Look Who's In Power"
19. Ouri - "Fonction Naturelle"
20. Matthew Cardinal - "Nightingale"
21. Sarah Davachi - "Live at Western Front"
22. Joni Void - "Non-Locality"
23. LA Timpa - "Look at the Afternoon Gone"
24. Cindy Lee - "Nancy Sings" (Jandek Cover)
25. Alex Zhang Hungtai - "Open Country"
26. Chad VanGaalen - "Keep Smiling"
27. Zoon - "Move"
28. Badge Époque Ensemble - "Theme 09/26/18"
29. FRIGS - "Gail & Disco"
30. Chastity - "Now The Struggle Has a Name" (The Tragically Hip Cover)
31. Yves Jarvis - "All The Way Home"
32. Jennifer Castle - "DL4" (Beverly Glenn-Copeland Cover) 

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