Lydia Ainsworth "Malachite"

Lydia Ainsworth 'Malachite'
Recent Arbutus Records signee Lydia Ainsworth will be dropping her label debut Right from Real - Pt. 1 early next month, but you can get another sample of the experimental synth-pop EP ahead of time via a stream of its "Malachite."

While starting up with a punchy, manic synth melody seemingly pinched from Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round," the arrangement becomes much more relaxed once a halftime snap beat balances things out. Ainsworth, meanwhile, spooks up the rest of the song with multi-layered gothic vocals harmonies, Castlevania-grade Casiotone blips and other otherworldly textures.

You'll find the track down below.

As previously reported, the four-song Right from Real - Pt. 1 was crafted in bedrooms and basements in Brooklyn and Toronto and is set to hit your own speakers June 10.