Lush Reveal 'Blind Spot' EP, Premiere Video

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 19, 2016

Rebooted UK shoegaze unit Lush have officially announced a new EP release, their first since reuniting in 2015. You'll find their Blind Spot at retailers April 22 via the band's own Edamame imprint.

The upcoming EP features four new songs, which were recorded last summer with Jim Abbiss and Ladytron member Daniel Hunt. While Lush had issued the Chorus retrospective box set earlier this year, Blind Spot marks the first new music from the quartet since 1996.

"It certainly took some time to set up, but once we were in the studio, everything came together incredibly quickly," vocalist/guitarist Miki Berenyi said in a statement.

She added: "It was great fun! It's been a long time since I've written Lush lyrics, and I realized early on with this EP that what I wrote about then is not what I feel comfortable writing about now. My perspective, and what is close to my heart, has changed, and I think that's conveyed in the songs."

A video for Blind Spot's "Out of Control" can be found beneath the tracklisting info. As previously reported, Lush also expect to deliver an album at a later point, but have not yet revealed the details behind the release.

Lush hit the road in April for their first North American tour in 20 years. They play Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom on April 21. You'll find the rest of the itinerary over here.

Blind Spot:

1. Out of Control
2. Lost Boy
3. Burnham Beaches
4. Rosebud

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