Lowell Polish Combatant's Hall, Toronto ON, February 14

Lowell Polish Combatant's Hall, Toronto ON, February 14
Photo: Shane Parent
It's a testament to Elizabeth Lowell Boland's winning personality that her headlining set didn't go completely off the rails.
After emerging from the crowd cloaked in white and wearing white Christmas lights, the singer and her guitarist rocked the sleepy crowd awake with an electrifying version of "Cloud 69." But two songs into her set, the power was knocked out of both the mic and MacBook that housed her backing tracks.
Undaunted, Lowell grabbed a megaphone to keep the crowd on side, before power was restored. Sound and technical problems plagued the set, resulting in much of the subtlety of her underrated debut being drowned out by the legion hall's cavernous sound.
The damage was done, yet Boland showed enthusiasm both figuratively, and by handing out bags of glow sticks to the audience. What could have been a disaster became just a lousy gig from a talented and infectious performer.