Louise Burns "Who's the Madman?"

Louise Burns 'Who's the Madman?'
Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Louise Burns is set to deliver her next LP, titled Young Mopes, in the new year. For those who can't wait until its February drop date, Burns has now shared a taste of what's to come with "Who's the Madman?"

The new track is chock full of shimmering piano and guitars alongside Burns's flighty vocals, backed by a steady rhythm section. Burns gave Consequence of Sound some further background on the track itself:

Who's the Madman is a sort of stoner existential exploration. We can spend our whole lives pursuing a goal that we know we may very well never achieve, yet we chase it like it's the perpetual carrot in front of us. You let things get out of control, even fall apart, all in the name of this pursuit. Does this make us crazy? Or does this give us purpose? The song is really a meditation on that.

Young Mopes is due out February 3 through Light Organ Records. Hear "Who's the Madman" in the player below.