Lido Pimienta, Status/Non-Status, Austra Selected for London's Forest City Film Festival Music Video Showcase

The festival in celebration of Southwestern Ontarian art takes place in a hybrid format this October

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 5, 2021

Celebrating the best in the Ontarian Southwest, London's Forest City Film Festival (FCFF) is back for 2021 — both in-person (October 19 to 24) and online (October 25 to 30).

In-person events will feature FCFF's second annual Music Video Competition. Music videos by Lido Pimienta, Status/Non-Status, AustraSYML, Exclaim! New Faves alumni Babygirl and more are among this year's showcase selections. 

Artists and creative teams in the Southwestern Ontario region were eligible to submit their work. A committee nominated 15 videos on the basis of storyline, production value, direction and originality. The videos will be screened in front of a live audience at the Factory on October 23, alongside live performances by Saveria and Zahra Habib. A panel of industry judges (including Kat Webber, Kim Wheeler, Neil Haverty and Everton Lewis Jr.) will offer feedback ahead of determining a winner.

"Film and music are a perfect pairing — both enhance each other, so our music video category is an essential part of celebrating all things film in Southwestern Ontario at the Forest City Film Festival," FCFF executive director Dorothy Downs said in a statement. "The music video is a great way for filmmakers to stretch their creativity and the videos that we have this year are great examples of the best of creativity."

The showcase is presented with FCFF's Sync Summit in collaboration with the London Music Office. As part of their Ontario Screen Creators Conference (OSCC), industry experts like Margaret McGuffin (Music Publishers Canada), Emy Stantcheva (MusicOntario) and Everton Lewis Jr. (Wracket Music) will help bridge the gap between the music and film sectors by discussing sync licensing, music publishing and song placement in TV and film.

The conference features an extensive range of online and in-person events, including a Schitt's Creek sound seminar. As does the festival at large — FCFF was established to build pride in regional audiences and build regional filmmaking capacity, as well as inspire future filmmakers with its youth film festival.

Tickets to attend any and all of FCFF's 11 days of programming in-person or via livestream are available here. Visit the festival's website for more information on this year's events.

See the full list of London's finest in music videography below ahead of the showcase and judging on October 23.

FCFF Music Video Competition Showcase Selection:

The Savilles - "Sunday Morning" (dir. Danny Dunlop)
Fancey - "Someone (feat. Saveria)" (dir. Christopher Michael Evans)
Huron Lines - "Lost & Found" (dir. Garth Jackson)
Joshua Arden Miller - "Solidarity" (dir. Janet Rogers)
Lost in Japan - "Lonely" (dir. Joel Parker)
Lido Pimienta - "Eso Que Tu Haces" (dir. Lido Pimienta & Paz Ramirez)
Status/Non-Status - "Genocidio" (dir. Travis Welowszky)
Cellos - "The Downward Gaze" (dir. Garth Jackson)
SYML - "Everything All At Once" (dir. Gavin Michael Booth)
Jules McCools - "Encore" (dir. Keegan Doyle)
Liiliith - "Earthworms" (dir. Alexa Lee Caissey)
Babygirl - "You Were in My Dream Last Night" (dir. Dylan Mitro)
Austra - "I Am Not Waiting" (dir. Trevor Blumas)
The Stereo Division - "Cloud By Day" (dir. Danny Dunlop)

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