The Little Millionaires DIY is an STD

Let’s get this out of the way: Bombs Over Providence were an incredible band that disappeared right before they could have become Toronto’s credible answer to Sum 41. The Little Millionaires see former members of the pop punk combo kicking up the rock’n’roll to produce a set of songs that owe as much to the Bronx as the Descendents, and at their best, like standout "Lime and Pepper Scrape,” they manage to fuse both in a way that sounds as awesome as it does effortless. This rough-around-the-edges four-song collection is the band’s first proper sonic statement since starting to play in Toronto over a year ago, and it’s guaranteed to please those who have been waiting for them to deliver on the loud, catchy, gritty bombast of their live show. For anyone who hasn’t seen the band live yet, this will offer some enticing reasons to trek out to see these songs fully fleshed out, or to keep the pressure on for another batch of recorded material. (Independent)