Lion Babe Cosmic Wind

Lion Babe Cosmic Wind
As the title implies, Lion Babe's sophomore project, Cosmic Wind, is largely an ethereal effort. Dialling back on the tinny, uber-electric feel of their first album, the group's producer Lucas Goodman provides a deeper, lusher groove for Jillian Hervey's dreamy vocals.
True to their signature non-conformity, Lion Babe flirt with different sounds throughout, from sweet and sticky funk ("Western World" featuring Raekwon, "The Wave" featuring spitfire Leikeli47), to the effervescent feel of early 2000s R&B ("Into Me"). "Sexy Please" has a charming, understated island flavour, and "Anyway You Want To" is a sexy, late-night cut, with rich, boozy guitars.
Hervey's standout voice provides an anchor for all of Goodman's clever genre-bending. No matter how drastically he changes the album's soundscape, Hervey's silvery notes are there to keep the duo from setting too far adrift.
Blissfully, the album is light on features, and the guests who do join the New York duo on their cosmic adventure are welcome additions. Bilal provides subtle, soulful flourishes on the cool, sexy "Can I See It" and only enhances Hervey and Goodman's chemistry.
Overall, Cosmic Wind is free of obvious flaws. But while it's a pleasant album, there's no song distinct enough to elevate it from passive listening. It's a great album for pressing play and walking away, but is missing a truly punchy, sure-fire hit. Without one, the album might be hard to remember in the long run. (Independent)