Lil Baby & Gunna Drip Harder

Lil Baby & Gunna Drip Harder
Two of Atlanta's hottest rappers have released a collaborative album, called Drip Harder. Lil Baby and Gunna have been singing together since the former's first mixtape, Perfect Timing. This latest is a combination of Baby's Hard tapes and Gunna's Drip Season ones that have propelled each to the top.
Here we get 13 mostly well-crafted songs that contain the signature styles of each artist, but in no way seem formulaic. Executive producer Turbo does the signature "Drip" sound justice. Lyrically, we see their strengths, especially Baby's, come out on two solo songs from each. On "Close Friends," Baby sings about a girl he almost bought a ring for, and how they went from being good friends to lovers in the blink of an eye.
Gunna, on the other hand, sings about the differences in his life since his come up. As ever the label lover, we still get lines like "Thank God, came and got me, used to shop at Target" on "Belly." The project contains features from Nav, Drake, Lil Durk and, the man who birthed these two — in style if not in actuality — Young Thug, who incidentally gives the best feature on "My Jeans."
Lil Durk's verses sound great but he also raps about making his girl "suck dick on [her] period" whether she wants to or not. And Nav actually raps "put my lil babies on her tongue." Both of these lines, ranging from problematic to just disgusting, come on the album's opener "Off White VLONE." The Drake closer doesn't fit the vibe; it bangs but it doesn't drip, at all.
This is a good effort from these two but could've been tighter. It's best when Lil Baby raps about his emotions, where the two once were and when Gunna brags about how far they've come since. But it's clear, they've still got farther to go. (Independent)