​Liam Gallagher's Toronto Show Was Abruptly Cancelled and Fans Are Pissed

​Liam Gallagher's Toronto Show Was Abruptly Cancelled and Fans Are Pissed
Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher was slated to take the stage at Toronto's Sony Centre last night (May 13), but technical difficulties forced a last-minute cancellation — leaving fans, uh, looking back in anger.
Live Nation sent a notice to ticketholders about an hour before the show was scheduled to begin, citing "electrical issues" at the venue as the reason for the cancellation.
Opening act Richard Ashcroft seemed as baffled by the decision as fans. In an Instagram video that has since been removed, he said: "Unfortunately, the concert's been cancelled due to 'static,' something that I've never heard about, never had a concert cancelled for that, maybe outdoors when there's water on the stage, but this is an indoor venue."
Gallagher, meanwhile, took to Twitter to say he was "gutted" about the news, but reminded fans that "safety comes first."
That didn't stop upset fans (especially those who made trips from far away) from voicing their disappointment on Twitter.
Others took jabs at the singer by taunting him with his brother Noel's slightly better attendance record, while most just took the opportunity to invite the singer out for drinks given the sudden gap in his schedule.
Some Toronto venues even offered up their nearby spaces to stage an impromptu set, but Gallagher didn't take them up on the offer — unlike last summer in Montreal.
As it stands, no plans have been announced to reschedule the show. Refunds will be issued at the ticketholders' point of purchase.
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