Lee Paradise Makes the Post-Apocalyptic Future Sound Inviting on 'The Fink'

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Dec 1, 2020

The Fink is eerily inviting for a record that explores a world where humans have ceased to exist. Daniel Lee's first album in seven years under his Lee Paradise moniker, the Hooded Fang and Phèdre member continues to make delicately layered tracks that sound as if they come from another dimension. Recorded in between Berlin and Toronto, Lee still keeps his post-pop identity while dabbling in funk and hip-hop.

Musically, The Fink is extremely well balanced; the heavy reverberation of Lee's vocals lends a sense of open space, while his melodies act as a tour guide on this intergalactic journey. On top of this, the roaring, funk-inspired basslines drive these songs forward. This is indicative of how well mixed this record is. The haziness of the rest of the instrumentation brings the bass to the forefront, making it a point of clear focus. This is especially apparent on "Message to the Past" — a danceable single which heavily relies on the groove of the bass.

This idea of an alternate universe is scattered throughout, giving enough imagery to imagine yourself there without pigeonholing the listening experience. The dripping guitar on "A Present to Ponder" reflects its call to start "dancing in the afterlife" as the synths beam you onto the mothership.

Overall, The Fink's rhythmic energy plays into its paranoid curiosity. The world Lee is creating is a post-apocalyptic one — its anxious aura mirroring the uncertainty of the world today. In a way, it's accepting of an impending apocalypse.
(Telephone Explosion)

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