Laura Jane Grace Is Practically Begging for a Constantines Reunion Tour

She wants them to play 2005's 'Tournament of Hearts' in full

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 21, 2022

Laura Jane Grace recently expressed her desire to become Canadian and move to Winnipeg — and now she's proving her allegiance to our country by expressing the extremely Canadian opinion that Constantines should do a reunion tour.

The Against Me! singer tweeted yesterday (September 20) that she wanted the Guelph indie rock howlers to perform their 2005 album Tournament of Hearts in full. She also suggested that Constantines, Weakerthans and Operation Ivy should be on the bill for Riot Fest 2023.

It's not an entirely far-fetched suggestion — Constantines have been largely inactive for the past decade-plus, but they're not entirely broken up, and they released a charity single in 2020.

We'd like to point out, however, that the band's classic 2003 album Shine a Light turns 20 next year, so maybe they should tour that one instead of Tournament of Hearts.

Meanwhile, Laura Jane Grace has a few Canadian dates left on her solo tour, and she's still looking for a Canadian spouse as far as we know.

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