LAL "Tiny Mirrors" (video)

LAL 'Tiny Mirrors' (video)
Crafting sophisticated world-inspired music since the '90s, Toronto's LAL are set to return their fifth album All You Need to Know next spring. While details on the new record still remain vague, the duo have delivered a new video to ease the wait, and has your first look at it.

The video for "Tiny Mirrors" features celebrated dance artist Margie Gillis and, according to a press release, "was created using state-of-the-art body/camera rig technologies to highlight [her] movements." Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray of LAL remain in awe of the dancer, claiming that her performance helped "shift our perceptions of love, loss and change."

In the clip, Gillis moves jerkily amongst city skyscrapers, sprawling freeways and industrial wastelands, giving off a sense of urgency that matches the pulsating beat of the track. Things take a sinister turn as city dwellers begin dropping like flies as Gillis casts her power over them.

LAL will be celebrating their sweet 16th birthday with a show at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto on November 15. You can stream the "Tiny Mirrors" single at the band's SoundCloud or order it from iTunes here.

Stay tuned for details on the forthcoming record, but for now, watch the premiere of the "Tiny Mirrors" video below.