LAL 'Figure 2.3.7' / "(I Know Your) Face" (video)

LAL 'Figure 2.3.7' / '(I Know Your) Face' (video)
Toronto's LAL have been going strong since the late '90s, and the globally minded group are pressing forward as always. Ahead of a two-day hometown event at the Music Gallery this weekend, the group have shared a new EP and video.

The EP is called Figure 2.3.7, and it was recorded in 2011 following a train journey across India. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan's Brendan Swanson plays keys on "Everything Is Clear," giving the song a soft, pillowy sound. The rest of the EP is more beat-driven while being similarly atmospheric.

Stream and/or download that below, and scroll past the EP to watch a video for the previously released track "(I Know Your) Face" from 2011's self-titled album. The clip, helmed by director/producer C. Hudson Hwang, emphasizes the title by showing lots of close-up shots of faces.

As for the show, the band will deliver a live performance called "Dub Fantasy" at the Music Gallery tomorrow (March 1). The following afternoon on Sunday, they will return to the venue for a free discussion panel called "Parsing Toronto Pop" featuring LAL members Kazi and Murr along with their manager L'Oquenz and local personality Ty Harper.

Read about the show and discussion panel here.

(I Know Your) Face by LAL from C. HUDSON HWANG on Vimeo.