Gravity the Seducer

BY Daniel SylvesterPublished Sep 13, 2011

Granted, this year's release of Ladytron's Best of 00-10 was a bit premature, but to put it into perspective, Depeche Mode released The Singles 81→85 only after four albums. Luckily, the Depeche Mode comparisons continue to follow Ladytron over to the release of their fifth LP, Gravity the Seducer. Much like DM's Black Celebration, Ladytron have moved on from robotic, synth-driven Soho-dance to textural, dramatic mood-inducers. That's isn't to say that Gravity is close to the masterpiece Celebration was, but songs like "Ace of Hz," "Ritual" and "Altitude Blues" feature extended synthetic intros that churn and bubble, whereas the Ladytron-of-old would pop and crackle. "Ambulances" and "90 Degrees" present an entirely new writing style for the Liverpudlian quartet, as the vocals are stretched, buried and burned into the mix in a way that doesn't feel forced or gimmicky. Gravity the Seducer may come off as a slight dip in Ladytron's career, but their quest to open new avenues leaves hope for a true Depeche Mode-type future.

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