Lacuna Coil Karmacode

Without straying far beyond the attention-getting Comalies, Lacuna Coil have slid a few steps further away from the underground on their latest record, upping the ratio of catchy melodies, nu-rock beats, and high-production ornamentation. The execution is good but not phenomenal, and Karmacode is short on the kind of memorable hooks that would really weld the whole thing together. If the foundation is a little weak, the embellishments are where the record soars, particularly in the sweeping interplay of the male/female vocal lines. Lacuna Coil’s Depeche Mode cover is, if not inspiring, then at least endearing (and fitting), but the song that really sticks in the head is "Closer” (not Nine Inch Nails), with its pop metal fusion a light-weight but glittering gem. (Century Media)