Kreator Live Kreation — Revisioned Glory

Really pushing the limit of how much cold German thrash metal can be squeezed onto one DVD, this very cool package will satisfy every Kreator fan out there easily. A large portion of the disc is live material, but instead of showing one concert they wisely decided to spice it up a bit, playing a few songs from a particular show, having a brief breathing time with some zany backstage stuff and then showing a few more songs from a different show, then repeat until the viewer just can't take the incredible razor-sharp thrash attack any more. The camera work is also above average for a metal video, which again helps pass the time — as great as Kreator are, they aren't much to look at. The extras include a couple more live songs (think you've had enough, think again), every Kreator promo video clip (awesome) and a kind of cool but kind of scant documentary on the band. This DVD is as long as the day, so it'll give everyone plenty of time to realise once and for all how great this band really is. Extras: documentary; promo videos; home video footage; extra live songs. (SPV/Steamhammer/Fusion III)