KMFDM Sturm and Drang Tour 2002

Concert DVDs are great because they show live footage taken from many shows on a tour, making for a collection of much of the best live footage. But what gets me off is that they also take you behind the scenes of all your favourite rock'n'roll heroes, allowing you to see them doing things that you'd never expect real rock gods to do, like laundry and exercising. There's not much of either of those here, but on this road trip across the U.S. we catch industrial dance giants KMFDM at several stops and you do get to witness keyboarder Sasha Konietzko get ear candling, which tops it for me. As far as the performance footage, we have small stages, seven band members and lots of gear. The band members remain stationary, aside from vocalists Lucia Cifarelli, Pig and Konietzko working the two or three feet of stage that's theirs. This makes for a slightly less energetic show than the music would allow for, but what this lacks in visuals is made up for in sound quality. This is a tight act that is far too perfectionist to be anything other than completely in sync. Each venue was maxed out, so the crowd energy was high and the many camera angles allow for lots of close ups. The usual tour hi-jinx, shenanigans and always popular bus footage is neatly tucked in between each of the 14 songs. Don't miss the humorous scene where they're doing an in-store signing and bassist Bill Rieflin strong-arms a stunned fan into buying the new record to autograph instead of just signing older material. No extras of Konietzko getting waxing, massages or any other wellness services unfortunately, or of anything else for that matter. Extras: none. (Metropolis,