Klarka Weinwurm ​Vogue Theatre, Sackville NB, August 2

Klarka Weinwurm ​Vogue Theatre, Sackville NB, August 2
Photo: Stephen McGill
Klarka Weinwurm moved to Sackville roughly a year ago and has already developed the candour and familiarity of a local. She reminisced about the first show she every played — it was in a high school auditorium — and the similarities between that show's venue and the comfortable cushy chairs of the Vogue Theatre; the festivalgoers had thus far become accustomed to concrete floors.
Operating as a trio backed by Scott Brown and Luke Patterson, and sporting a You've Changed Records t-shirt in advance of label co-owner Steve Lambke's set, Weinwurm meandered through raw garage rock tracks from her recent EP, Huddle
"Sackville is a place of hellos and goodbyes," remarked the MC in advance of the sentimental and intimate set. Presenting quiet and loud tracks, muddy from the marsh, she's become quickly welcomed into the fold; there's a good reason that the festival guide refers to her as "one of the folks." She wears her heart on her sleeve and, as she sings on "The Planet": "Afternoons were never good for breakups."
Thankfully, it seems she felt the same way on the last day of SappyFest.