Kittie Spit

Sprouting from London (Ontario), this angry group of newly pubescent high school girls sound as if they are fuelled by sour milk. Their debut disc, Spit, plays like an inconsistent collection of stale 1991-era Pantera and Sepultura B-sides, overdubbed with the occasional 1995 techno sprinkle for a somewhat modern measure. They have carefully crafted themselves to appeal to a target market that consists of sexually repressed, passive aggressive basement dwellers. Instead of realistically tackling teen issues, Kittie opt to express themselves with shock novelty with tracks such as “Get Off (You Can Eat A Dick)” and “Choke and Suck.” The only hinge of credibility that Spit swings on is the fact that it’s produced by Canuck studio wunderkind GGGarth Richardson (Melvins, Rage Against the Machine). He injects far too much testosterone into the band, using enough overtly suspicious studio trickery such as triggers and sampling, making the album sound synthetic. Guidance Counsellor's advice: pull the plug and stay in school. (Ng Records)