Kid Rock Calls Oprah a "Fraud" for Not Endorsing Dr. Oz in US Midterm Elections

She's rooting for a Democrat instead

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Nov 7, 2022

With the US midterm elections taking place tomorrow (November 8), Oprah Winfrey has chosen not to endorse long-time associate Dr. Oz for Pennsylvania Senate — and Kid Rock has some strong feelings about it. 

Winfrey has chosen to support Democratic candidate John Fetterman in lieu of the Republican Dr. Oz (full name Mehmet Oz), despite supporting the latter on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the years leading up to his notoriety and hosting a show of his own. Even though it's been proven time and time again that TV personalities and politics should not mix, Kid Rock is appalled by Winfrey's change of heart.

"Oprah helped Dr. Oz with his career. I assume because she vetted him and found him to be a wonderful person. Now she is against him. Oprah is a fraud," Kid Rock tweeted on Saturday (November 5). 

Oz first announced he would be running as a Republican for Pennsylvania Senate late last year after hundreds of former Jeopardy! contestants signed an open letter asking that he be booted from his guest hosting spotConsidering he has downplayed the severity of COVID-19 — for which he touted the unproven benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment — his political alignments don't come as a surprise.

On the other hand, Winfrey has historically backed Democratic candidates, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Kid Rock has shared his love for former US president Donald Trump, and more drunkenly, his hatred of Oprah multiple times. Unlike Oz, his ambitions to run for the US Senate never came to fruition.

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