Kellarissa Reveals 'Ocean Electro' Album, Premieres New Single

Kellarissa Reveals 'Ocean Electro' Album, Premieres New Single
While P:ano graduate Larissa Loyva last gave us a Kellarissa album with 2011's Moon of Neptune, the Vancouver musician is at last returning with a follow-up. Titled Ocean Electro, the full-length will arrive on March 23 via Mint Records.

The album — Kellarissa's third on Mint — was recorded in Vancouver with labelmate Jay Arner, while Josh Stevenson handled the mastering. For a taste of what's in store, Kellarissa has shared its pseudo title track "Ocean Electric."

In a statement, Loyva had this to say about her upcoming Kellarissa album, as well as its first single:

Inspired by the name of a marine electrical services company in Vancouver, Ocean Electro became the title of my forthcoming record and the inspiration for its first single. It also inadvertently became a made-up genre of ocean-themed songs that comprise most of the songs.

"Ocean Electric" is a light-hearted song about the conductivity of sea water and how everything is connected to the ocean. I use surfing metaphors to describe missed opportunities while chord stabs like lightning bolts pierce pulsating basslines. Staring at the sea can have the effect of putting everything into perspective, much like staring into a night sky full of stars. The ocean in this depiction also takes on a coercive femme fatale persona with the power to numb and hypnotize. As unfathomable as the sea can be, we are comforted by its rhythms and humbled by her force.

You can hear "Ocean Electric" for yourself down below, where you'll also find the record's tracklist.

As previously reported, Kellarissa will be performing at Mint Records' Ridiculously Early Xmas Party on Saturday (December 2) at Vancouver's Astoria. You can get more details on the event here.

Ocean Electro:

1. Ocean Electric
2. Black Sea
3. Too Drunk to Be Afraid
4. Ships in the Night
5. Mirabel
6. Poppies in July
7. Hey Hey Rosé
8. The Radio