Keith Richards "Substantial Damage"

Keith Richards 'Substantial Damage'
Keith Richards recently branded Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band "rubbish," and now the Rolling Stones guitarist is showcasing what he evidently considers to be more favourable sounds by sharing the new track "Substantial Damage."

The song is a funky number with a hard, clanging drum beat, choppy blues guitar licks, fiery solos and lyrics about a bad romance. Richards doesn't so much sing as growl rhythmically, as he complains paying for dinner and declares "Good golly, Molly!" and "mon plaisir!"

Hear the song below, along with a boogiefied recent cut called "Amnesia" (which premiered last week).

Richards' solo album Crosseyed Heart arrives on September 18 through Republic Records. He has been rolling out tracks through a scavenger hunt in which passwords are hidden on plaques around southwest England. Learn more about the campaign here.