Kataklysm The Prophecy (Stigmata of the Immaculate)

Righting the wrongs of 1998's Victims of This Fallen World and Northern Hyperblast Live, Quebec's Kataklysm come scurrying back into the frenzy with a true whirlwind of blast-beats, hyper grind riffs, a new vocalist (their former bass player) who sounds like three men in one and a slight hardcore element at times, although it's not as silly sounding as past mistakes. Kataklysm have an unique sound that puts them above most grindcore and death metal bands, because they take elements of both genres and mix it up, meaning it's actually possible to sit through the whole album and be captivated throughout. An intense album of extreme music that's beautifully executed, scary as shit, heavy as can be and, believe it or nay, even catchy at times. My ears are awaiting Cryptopsy's next disc to see if they can top this. (Nuclear Blast)