Joseph Shabason Unveils New Autobiographical Album 'The Fellowship'

Watch a video for the upcoming record's title track
Joseph Shabason Unveils New Autobiographical Album 'The Fellowship'
Toronto sax dude Joseph Shabason has announced his latest solo effort, which will double as an autobiography in the form of instrumental music. The record is called The Fellowship, and you can already check out its title title.

A press release explains the album's concept like this:

Across eight tracks that mesh spacious, jazz-laced composition with fourth-world and adult-contemporary tonality, Toronto saxophonist Joseph Shabason sketches an auditory map of the transcendence, unity, conditioning, and eventual renunciation of his upbringing in an Islamic and Jewish dual-faith household. The resulting album The Fellowship bears the name of the insular Islamic community Shabason's traditionally Jewish parents belonged to from a time before he was even born; a mental and spiritual push pull which continued shaping, even controlling, his outlook well into his adulthood.

As a listening experience
The Fellowship follows a chronological arc that spans three generations covering his parents' early lives, his own spiritual and physical adolescence, and his subsequent struggle to eschew the problematic habituations of such a conflicted past.

To get an idea how this journey plays out, you can check out "The Fellowship" below, which has arrived alongside a new video.

The Fellowship is due out on April 30 via Telephone Explosion/Western Vinyl.

The Fellowship:

1. Life With My Grandparents
2. Escape From North York
3. The Fellowship
4. 0-13
5. 13-15
6. 15-19
7. Comparative World Religion
8. So Long