John Grant "Glaciers" (video)

John Grant 'Glaciers' (video)
John Grant is saluting various moments of LGBT history in the poignant montage clip supporting his Pale Green Ghosts' "Glacier."

The video behind the aching chamber ballad plays out with hundreds of clips culled from the last several decades of pop culture, as well as more overtly political scenes. On the entertainment front, we see clips of Divine entwined with shots of Bugs Bunny in drag. From the newsreels we see protest footage from historic events like the Stonewall riots and shots of Harvey Milk set against some stomach-turning sign-waving from the Westboro Baptist Church.

"I wished I had heard somebody talking about the fact, you know, being gay didn't make me less of a human than other people," Grant said in a statement. "It takes a very, very long time to undo a lot of the damage [from that abuse]."