John Frusciante-Featuring Soundtrack for 'The Brown Bunny' Gets Vinyl Reissue

John Frusciante-Featuring Soundtrack for 'The Brown Bunny' Gets Vinyl Reissue
Vincent Gallo's 2003 film The Brown Bunny is perhaps best known for its infamously explicit oral sex scene, but this shouldn't overshadow its noteworthy soundtrack, half of which consists of original material from then-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante. This spring, that soundtrack is finally getting its first official vinyl pressing. It will be out in the next couple of weeks through Twelve Suns.

The soundtrack has previously been issued on CD. There was also a vinyl version credited to a company called Brown Records, but according to Discogs, this is a bootlegged edition from a "fake label." This latest one comes fully authorized by Gallo himself.

It's being pressed on 180-gram vinyl with a gatefold sleeve in edition of 1,000. Check out the tracklist below. As you can see, there are five songs by Frusciante, along with non-exclusive contributions from Gordon Lightfoot, Jackson C. Frank and Ted Curson.

According to online retailers, the reissue is due out April 26.

The Brown Bunny - Motion Picture Soundtrack:

1. Jeff Alexander - "Come Wander with Me"

2. Ted Curson - "Tears for Dolphy"

3. Jackson C. Frank - "Milk and Honey"

4. Gordon Lightfoot - "Beautiful"

5. Matisse/Accardo Quartet - "Smooth"

6. John Frusciante - "Forever Away"

7. John Frusciante - "Dying Song"

8. John Frusciante - "Leave All the Days Behind"

9. John Frusciante - "Prostitution Song"

10. John Frusciante - "Falling"