Joanna Newsom Debuts Five New Songs at Surprise Show

She was Fleet Foxes' surprise opener in Los Angeles last night

Photo: Annabel Mehran

BY Kaelen BellPublished Mar 23, 2023

Joanna Newsom fans the world over had a collective conniption last night after rumours started swirling that Newsom would be the surprise opener at Fleet Foxes' Los Angeles show. The conniption was not in vain, as it turns out — Newsom took the stage for her first show since 2020 at L.A.'s Belasco and debuted a whopping five new songs, all of which were as beautiful as one would expect. 

"Without further ado, I present the high priestess of acoustic music, Joanna Newsom," Robin Pecknold told the crowd, before Newsom arrived to perform "Go Long" from 2010's behemoth Have One on Me. She followed that song with a run of brand new tracks — "Bombs are Whistling," "Marie at the Mill," "Little Hand," "The Air Again" and "No Wonder," according to a setlist from the show — that alternated between harp and piano, with one song (allegedly "Marie at the Mill") featuring a small crowd of horn players. 

She closed her solo set with a rendition of 2006's timeless "Sawdust & Diamonds" before returning to the stage for duets of Fleet Foxes' "Blue Spotted Tail" and her own "Good Intentions Paving Co." 

Newsom hasn't released an album since 2015's Divers, but it should be noted that the last time she debuted new songs live, it took about two years for the songs to be officially released. So, the wait isn't officially over yet, but there's a possible light at the end of the tunnel! 

Check out some footage of last night's show below, including full recordings of some of the new songs. 
Little Hand & Commentary
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The Air Again
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No Wonder
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Bombs are Whistling
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