Jesuit (Pre-Converge/Dillinger Escape Plan) to Reform for NYC Show

Jesuit (Pre-Converge/Dillinger Escape Plan) to Reform for NYC Show
Reunion shows get a bad rap for being all about the green. While there's no doubt that a lot of acts get back together to celebrate the good old days, oftentimes revisiting your former glories comes along with a fat stack of cash. The announcement, however, that Jesuit will be opening up for on-again, off-again San Diego punks Unbroken in New York next spring doesn't seem like a cash grab. The fact that the outfit was only marginally successful in the underground hardcore scene of the '90s suggest that their reformation is for much more than the love of money.

A post on Brooklyn Vegan explains that the Virginia Beach, VA band will take to the stage April 9 at the Santos Party House in New York.

The noise mongers should have been huge in the late '90s. The band blasted out a grimy blend of metal and hardcore that put them at the same level as peers Botch and Channel, but the records they released on Reservoir and Hydra Head never caught on.

Following the group's demise, guitarist Brian Benoit joined the Dillinger Escape Plan, while Nate Newton moved onto Converge. Though there isn't a release date to work with quite yet, there is speculation that a Jesuit anthology on Magic Bullet Theory will be out in time for the show. You can check out the record's spooky cover art above.

Interestingly, the show also brings '90s-era Catholic Church-criticizing combo Indecision back to the stage as well. That's a whole lot of nostalgia for aging punks to take in.