Jeremy Dutcher Announces Sophomore Album 'Motewolonuwok,' Shares New Single "Ancestors Too Young"

The single marks the first time fans have heard the songwriter sing in English

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 20, 2023

Jeremy Dutcher has finally announced the follow-up to his beloved 2018 album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa. Sophomore LP Motewolonuwok arrives on October 6 via Secret City Records, and the new single "Ancestors Too Young" is out now.

A press release calls Motewolonuwok an "experimental pop" album, featuring the first time that Dutcher has written and sung in English. It also finds him singing in the endangered language of Wolastoqey and interpreting traditional songs from his people, just as he did on his debut. The album features strings arranged by Owen Pallett.

"Shared tongue is a beautiful gift, with a complicated reason," Dutcher said in a statement about singing in English, which is a way of bringing his message to a larger audience of settlers. Other songs explore Dutcher's Two-Spirit identity. "The Two-Spirit identity is so beautiful because it's not rooted in a deficit narrative," Dutcher said.

Check out Motewolonuwok's tracklist below, and hear "Ancestors Too Young," which was the first song Dutcher ever wrote in English. Recent single "Skicinuwihkuk ᔅᑭᒋᓄᐧᐃᐦᑯᒃ" appears on the album as the opening track.

Check out Dutcher's upcoming tour dates here.


1. Skicinuwihkuk ᔅᑭᒋᓄᐧᐃᐦᑯᒃ 
2. Pomawsuwinuwok Wonakiyawolotuwok ᐯᒪᐧᓱᐧᐃᓄᐧᐁᒃ ᐧᐊᓇᑭᔭᐧᐁᓓᑐᐧᐁᒃ
3. Take My Hand
4. Wolasweltomultine ᐧᐁᓚᔅᐧᐄᓪᑌᒧᓪᑎᓀ 
5. 'tahcuwi Anelsultipon 'ᑕᐦᒍᐧᐃ ᐊᓀᓪᓱᓪᑎᐦᐯᓐ
6. Sakom ᓴᑫᒻ 
7. Ancestors Too Young
8. The Land That Held Them
9. There I Wander
10. Together We Emerge
11. Rise in Beauty

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