Jason Collett "Love You Babe" (video)

Jason Collett 'Love You Babe' (video)
Jason Collett's Song and Dance Man was released today (February 5), and with it came a new batch of heart-swelling tunes from the Toronto troubadour. To celebrate, he's highlighting the record's "Love You Babe" with a lovey-dovey video comprising various vintage cartoon bits.

Compiled by Hayden Desser, the video presents plenty of wacky clips, from the sight of kittens blasting off shotguns from a laundry line, to a pair of shaggy-haired twins can-canning across an apartment scene, to a visual pun of a mutt blasting a jazzy beat from the cover of a book called Bulldog Drummin (look it up, folks).

While arguably all on topic, some moments are better than others. For instance, the lines sung as a couple of swans canoodle on a lake, their necks pressed together into the shape of a heart: "Hold your body close to mine, so I can love you, babe."

You'll find the video below, while Song and Dance Man can be picked up now via Arts & Crafts.

Details on Collett's newly announced Canadian tour can be found here, and you can read Exclaim!'s new interview with him here.