Jamiroquai High Times: Singles 1992-2006

In the last 15 years, the group that eventually became synonymous with their singer released six multi-platinum albums, won a Grammy for best pop group after Travelling Without Moving and gained the allegiance of fans across the globe. It seemed appropriate to release a DVD of music videos given that their peak was marked by the unforgettable conveyer belt video for "Virtual Insanity,” which won five MTV video awards back in 1997. Lacking somewhat in the Behind The Music special features, this release is carried by the 25 video singles spanning Jamiroquai’s career, with the development in videos dating the music and observing their change in focus from strong eco-political views to sexualised, funk-filled jams. With Jay Kay’s signature dance on almost every track blending it all together, this makes for an absorbing journey through a career that many can remember and connect to the passages in their own life. (Sony BMG)