Jaill "Change Reaction" (video)

Jaill 'Change Reaction' (video)
Ever wondered what a unicorn tastes like? Well, it might be tough to come across such a fantastical treat, but Milwaukee odd-pop players Jaill certainly have us wondering about the flavour in the kinda-gross video supporting their Brain Cream track, "Change Reaction."

The rather unusual animated video was put together by Ed and Helen Poser, and chronicles a bizarre love story that involves the evolution of man, the egg-based birth of a unicorn, and a devil-may-care attitude towards eating ice cream cones with your sweetie.

On the whole, there's a bit of blood and a whole lot of weirdness to behold.

"We brainstormed the concept together focusing on the chorus, 'my love is gonna destroy you again,' and came up with the idea of the boy stealing brain cream from the unicorn to improve himself but destroy the unicorn in the process," the band's Vinnie Kirchner explained in a statement. "When the boy shares the brain cream with the girl that he's fallen in love with she turns out to be a devil and he is destroyed. There's some greed in all of our love."

Brain Cream is out now via Burger Records.