Impaled Mondo Medicale

Cattle Decapitation recently did a great job of worshipping the first two Carcass albums, and now Impaled is back to worship the third Carcass album. No complaints at all here, as this loveable bunch of hilarious gore-grinders dish out a wonderfully pleasing mix of extreme grindcore and fast melodic thrash on Mondo Medicale, their second studio album. The tongue-through-cheek art, lyrics and images are just too funny, with Impaled having a grand old time playing around with surgeon lingo in the lyrics (and tools in the gut-wrenchingly funny band pics), all the while bashing out what is actually quite classy grinding metal. Technically, and as far as songwriting goes, Impaled have grown since their last platter and are now up there with Carcass in their prime, which is no small feat, and one relatively unparalleled in the gore-grind genre; Exhumed are just as adept, but are in a whole other operating room altogether. So, yes, it's total Carcass worship, but it's done perfectly, with a nice clean production, funny lyrics and some shredding, and named, guitar solos. (Necropolis)