Impaled The Last Gasp

Any good grinder knows Willowtip is the go-to label for awesome underground sounds, and their recent acquisition of legendary gore-grinders Impaled is just one more reason why this label rocks. On The Last Gasp, the band take their vicious, grinding attack to further levels of extremity, making implicit a bit of the explicit humour that gore-grind often possesses, which isn’t to say this is their Black Album, just that they spend even more time killing, not chasing, the catch. And once caught, the listener will delight in a whirlwind of melodic gore-grind, as this full-length (their fourth) proves they know how to write a song. Despite the glorious Carcass-esque grinding, the album is a bit of a grower, thanks in part to a slightly lacklustre production sound. But once tunes like the catchy "Sickness is Health” and the sludge-heavy "All Gut, No Glory” hit, all is forgiven and the gore-grind of Impaled rules the operating room once more. (Willowtip)