Holy Hum "The Rip" (Portishead cover) (Keys to the Streets session)

Holy Hum 'The Rip' (Portishead cover) (Keys to the Streets session)
Vancouver's Keys to the Streets is bringing music to the masses, specifically by placing pianos in public spots for all to enjoy. Previously, they'd repped the initiative via an outdoor performance from Mother Mother, and now they're highlight a recent public recital from post-rock act Holy Hum. A video of the act's Andrew Lee interpreting Portishead's "The Rip" is online now.

Lee's tribute to the Third number is decidedly more low-key than the original, and comes without jazzy beats, synth licks, or a sorrowful swell of guitar. Instead, the Holy Hum member paints a portrait of disappointment with a heartbreaking tenor and the old-timey creak of a piano situated in the city's Strathcona Community Garden.

The metaphorical wild, white horse ready to take you away from your troubles, Holy Hum's cover can be found below.