The Hoa Hoa's The Hoa Hoa's

Psych-rock, shoegaze and pop sensibilities are three characteristics Toronto's Hoa Hoa's embody better than most. The band's newest eponymous EP is 20-minutes of aural bliss; their greatest strength is sounding like the progression of their influences without being too much like any of them. In a scene brimming with soulless and often contrived college rock emulation, the group's sound reflects that of a creatively intuitive group that maintain artistry despite easy accessibility. There's a distinctive three-song stride to the EP that starts with "Falling in Love is for Young People," hinges on the impeccable "Blue Gumball" and ends with the "Disco Inferno"-esque "All The Time." Melancholic and featuring a chorus reminiscent of both the Velvets and original goth, "Heaven" acts as a comedown before the slow dance pop of "Going Out With Her" closes in a syrupy dream-pop haze. (Optical Sounds)