The Hoa Hoa's Sonic Bloom

Did you know there was a Kensington in the Greater London area of the UK? Well, that’s not where Toronto’s Hoa Hoa’s (pronounced "wha whas”) are from but Kensington Market is a good stand in it seems. With an anglophiliac flow that crosses swinging ’60s psychedelia with a tougher shade of paisley, the group hit most of the right notes to shake the shag. Even the recording’s slight fuzziness seems to support the group’s kaleidoscopic credentials, reminding a little of Julian Cope’s early to mid-’80s explorations of the same sound. Rumours of a more electrifying live presence offset the slight lethargy of the album’s recordings. Overall, for a backtrack in rock, it’s still a good track to be on. (Optical Sounds)