Han Han Mitchell Hall, Guelph ON, April 7

Han Han Mitchell Hall, Guelph ON, April 7
Photo: Matt Forsythe
Han Han and members of Filipinx dance troupe HATAW marched out their barrier-breaking Pinoy hip-hop game at Kazoo! Fest, and Guelph was feeling it.
Rapping and singing in the Cebuano and Tagalog languages of their native Philippines with just a little English, the crowd didn't understand all (or most) of the words in Han Han's set, but they didn't have to to register the emotional import of its message. And if it consistently manages to get the crowd moving regardless of whatever tongues are at play, and it's enough to send the audience home to check the English translations of the lyrics on Bandcamp (as this writer did), it's already achieved some important victories, right?
Han Han delivered on all fronts with fiery, headliner-level intensity that ignited even the most contained introverts. Tack on a pair of tightly choreographed, badass dancers and some Filipinx martial arts, and you've got one hell of a show to write home about.