Gwar "Madness at the Core of Time" (video)

Gwar 'Madness at the Core of Time' (video)
Gwar's gore-soaked concerts are legendary, but in case you've never had the chance to check out the onstage mayhem, you can get a peak at the batshit zany bloodfest via the band's new video for Battle Maximus track "Madness at the Core of Time."

Down below, you'll see the universe-renowned Scumdogs decapitating the likenesses of world leaders, flaying cross-bound corpses and shoving fans down a danger pit, all the while delivering a lick-heavy metal attack.

Plenty of fake blood gets sprayed across the crowd, or at least they tell us its fake. Either way, if you don't pack a rain slicker to one of these gigs, your clothes are bound to be ruined. You'll find the metal crew soiling their devoted down below.