Groj "Love You Do" (video)

Groj 'Love You Do' (video)
Montreal-based electronic musician Groj is gearing up to release a new EP titled Love You Do next week, but before the new record arrives, Exclaim! has got the video premiere of the album's title track for your viewing pleasure.
The song exemplifies a new shift in Groj's music, moving from the offbeat experimental exploration of his early career into a more polished, contemporary approach. To accompany the smooth new song, Yannick Jamey and Merilin Paart filmed an array of stunning footage that spans the globe from British Columbia to Montreal to Tasmania.
A statement from Jamey reads:
This video was largely shot on-the-go during a four-wheel-drive camping trip across Tasmania. The landscapes and weather would change so drastically and so fast that there wasn't much choice but to improvise the shots along the way, whereby we'd stop the car wherever it was worthwhile and bust out the 7D, tripod and shoot quickly. On some days, I had the luxury to venture out on foot into locations invisible from any road or track. With a wide array of lenses and the freedom to climb down into waterholes or uphill onto wide vistas, I was able to capture Tasmania's wilderness through unique perspectives, such as close-ups with a fisheye or panoramas with a tilt-shift, which could not be found anywhere online. Much in the same manner, my girlfriend in British Columbia, Merilin Paart, shot beautiful footage of horses, birds and majestic snowy mountain tops and scarps that appear in the video. As the trip came to a close and all the footage amalgamated in my head, the concept for the music video emerged: follow the flow of water in reverse — from lakes and rivers up to its source high in the mountains, the waterfall.
Love You Do is due out on May 2 through Traum Schallplatten. Watch the video for the song of the same name in the player below.