Grimes Is on Bring Me the Horizon's New Album

Listen to the 'amo' single "wonderful life" with Dani Filth

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 22, 2018

After she connected with former Mindless Self Indulgence singer Jimmy Urine earlier this month, it's now been revealed that Grimes will appear on Bring Me the Horizon's forthcoming amo album.

A recently revealed tracklist for the effort points to the English outfit teaming up with Grimes on a track titled "nihilist blues." The 13-track amo will also feature appearances from ex-Roots MC Rahzel and Dani Filth of English extreme metallers Cradle of Filth.

For a taste of what's in store, you can now hear the new single "wonderful life" with Dani Filth.

On January 25, amo arrives through Columbia. The album is available to order in a variety of formats here.

As previously reported, Bring Me the Horizon will take the album on tour in early 2019.


1. i apologise if you feel something
2. mantra 
3. nihilist blues (ft. Grimes)
4. in the dark 
5. wonderful life (ft. Dani Filth)
6. ouch 
7. medicine 
8. sugar honey ice & tea 
9. why you gotta kick me when i'm down? 
10. fresh bruises 
11. mother tongue 
12. heavy metal (ft. Rahzel)
13. i don't know what to say

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