Gregory Pepper & His Problems "Smart Phones for Stupid People" (video)

Gregory Pepper & His Problems 'Smart Phones for Stupid People' (video)
Guelph-based musician Gregory Pepper dropped his enthusiastically titled latest record CHORUS! CHORUS! CHORUS! last summer, and before he heads down to the States for SXSW later this week, he's unveiled a brand new video for "Smart Phones for Stupid People."
Channelling his love of '90s alt-rock into a snappy barely-a-minute-long tirade against the smartphone generation, Pepper has now paired the track with some footage of mindless toilet time phone scrolling to really drive his point home. Food photos, cat videos and hotdog legs all come under fire in the new clip, which was directed by Emma Corby.
Join in and browse through "Peppergram" posts by watching the video in the player below. If you want to get really meta, watch it on your phone on your next trip to the bathroom.
Tour dates:
03/11 New Haven, CT - Cafe Nine
03/12 Brooklyn. NY - Shea Stadium
03/13 Philadelphia. PA - Goldilocks Den
03/14 Charlotte, NC - Snug Harbor
03/15 Atlanta, GA - Mammal Gallery
03/17 Austin, TX - Fake Four Showcase at Karma Lounge (SXSW)
03/20 Fort Worth, TX - House Party