Graffiti Campaign Suggests Arcade Fire Album is Called 'Reflektor'

Graffiti Campaign Suggests Arcade Fire Album is Called 'Reflektor'
It's officially our most anticipated Canadian album of 2013, but indie pop supergroup Arcade Fire have been slow at leaking details for their new release. We know it's out on October 29 and was produced with James Murphy, but not much else. Now, however, a mysterious graffiti campaign has suggested the album's title.

Across the globe, a mysterious new graffiti tag has been popping up. The image features a grid inside a circle, as well as the word "REFLEKTOR" spelled out. An Instagram account with the name has also appeared with shots of the image all around the globe.

According to Consequence of Sound, at least two street artists have come forward to claim that the pieces are part of a marketing campaign for the band's new album.

The plot thickened with the appearance of, where footage of the tag being drawn is paired with orchestral sounding music that could certainly be a snippet of new material from the band. Check it out below.

Here's hoping Arcade Fire fans are as nerdy and desperate for information as fans of Boards of Canada so we can find out some more details soon.